Who should take Kambo?

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Guidelines for who should not take Kambo are super clear. While there have been less than a handful of known fatalities in the West in the twenty years since Kambo emerged from the forest, thanks to the hard work of Master Practitioners like Karen Darke, the body of experience and expertise in treating Western conditions is growing everyday. Thanks to the focus of Karen’s International Association of Kambo Practitioners among the Kambo community, treatment notes are shared (without client details, of course) among many practitioners, who collectively treat a surprising range of ailments, from tinnitus to arthritis every week.

But who should take Kambo?

Must you have something up with you to warrant this tough but amazingly effective treatment? Or does it work wonders for healthy people too? Let’s take a look.

Crowded-London-Underground-platform-563435I’m still in denial, but there is in fact no denying that the summer is gone, dismally and disgracefully, after one of the wettest Augusts on the record. Coughing, sneezing and flying spittle erupt onto public transport. The body is in denial at the shrinking temperature. Yup, it’s cold time.

Unless you opt for a traditional Amazonian immune system super boost aka Kambo. Here’s where Nature’s medicine trumps the synthetics every time. The frog’s secretion is bioactive. That means it has the cellular technology required to unlock the formidably well-protected human cell. It’s why the frog has no predators. Get frog secretion in the wrong place–basically anywhere other than a small dot on your skin, and it unlocks your cells and does its thing.

By the same bioactive token, Kambo integrates perfectly with your biological systems, right down at the cellular level. The secretion contains a cocktail of peptides, building block molecules that form the links in amino acid and protein chains, from which all the tissues of the body are grown. In other words, not only does Kambo unlock toxins from cells, it inputs a concentrated dose of good stuff. Sounds a bit vague?

47ab934c-576d-49da-a644-3a1ec85bf8a1The fundamental importance of bradykinins, dermorphin, phyllocaerulin and other peptides to the body’s systems is the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. Infamously, Big Pharma has been peering at the frog down a very long microscope for some time, in the hope of synthesising blends of peptides from the secretion. Obstacles to this include the frog simply refusing to secrete anything outside its natural habitat, and the astronomical complexity of Nature at the molecular level. We’re talking about molecules with quantum properties, unfolding and replicating against the DNA blueprint to form hands, feet, eyes and teeth.

And when it comes to human immune function, Kambo is a system upgrade. The body’s defence systems recognise its own tissues from foreign ones via a complex process of chemical tagging. (We’re talking quantum molecules again). Clever intruders thus disguise themselves with human body tags. Generally they get busted and the immune system clears them out. Maybe they get clever again. This is going in your own body, which, as you’re painfully aware on a rush hour tube, is not an island. In fact the interior of that tube–hot, damp, squashed together–is the perfect environment for clever intruders like the Common Cold to swap notes on chemical disguises and attack strategies. The information passes from bug to bug through their DNA as they replicate.

Our bodies do an awesome job of keeping the hordes at bay. Most of the time besieged and besieger enjoy a kind of symbiosis. But stress, coffee, the evenings turning cooler, the man with the tickly cough on the train can break the balance. We all know that sinking feeling of waking up with a sore throat and knowing flu is on its way.

body defense

Once the frog upgrades your immune system, this stuff simply doesn’t happen.

I had my first Kambo treatment two years ago. I’m 42 with good natural fitness (which I take for granted sometimes). I have not had a cold since. A couple of times, when I knew I’d been exposed to someone else’s germs, I felt a slight tickle at the back of the throat in the morning, and the next day it was gone.

Caboclo culture, which straddles forest and urban life in Brazil, was the first to experience Kambo outside the tribal context. Foresters, fishermen, farmers and rubber tappers took Kambo as preventative and cure for the plethora of ailments waiting to besiege their immune systems. Tribespeople had shown them how they treated stuff like malaria and snakebite. A practice of occasionally but regularly taking Kambo three times in one moon developed.


Contraindications aside, and noting that burning a poisonous secretion into your skin before vomiting litres of water into a bucket is not everyone’s cup of tea, we think anyone with the stomach for the frog’s intensity stands to gain a great deal. Speaking personally, I can testify to improved heart, lung and digestive function and no colds since my first treatment. I don’t take Kambo that frequently–maybe 9 times per year.

Of course, the last word as to what work it does on you is the frog’s. Which is not to talk of unexpected side effects, but to remember that we must view Kambo holistically. We can talk of this peptide and that, how this one shows up in brain cells, or this one is involved in hormone regulation or peristalsis or bone growth or pain signal blocking. But from professional experience we see how often, clients come with a specific physical complaint, which Kambo unravels into its psychosomatic components. Your liver might release a wave of difficult emotions. Your lungs might release unexpressed grief. With all the super moons we’re having this year, you might be doing that anyway!

It’s all good. Immune health is holistic health. With a healthy immune system, you enjoy a natural harmony with your environment. The Amazonian hunters take Kambo for boosts in strength, stamina, undetectability to animals and getting rid of bad luck or bad will. They also use it when a man needs to attract a wife into his life. But that’s another story.


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Much love and a healthy Autumn!

Nizami & Davina