What is Kambo?

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Kambo is a traditional Amazonian treatment using the natural skin secretion of the Giant Amazonian Tree Frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor. 

It continues to be used by various tribes of the Upper Amazon, including the Matses, Mayoruna, Katukina and Kaxinawá, as a remedy for snake bite, malaria and other parasitic infections, and for panema (curses). It is also used for hunting, as it lends hunters strength, stamina, and a degree of invisibility to animals.

Western medicine has a limited understanding of Kambo. At the time of writing, known ingredients include 139 different peptides and neuropeptides, the class of molecule that forms peptide bonds in amino acids and long chain proteins. In turn, these play a fundamental role in many animal, including human, vital systems, from tissue formation and regeneration to antibiotic action to digestion to central nervous system function.

Kambo is bioactive, meaning it works via symbiotically and non-destructively with human cells.