Taking Kambo to Heart

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Yesterday was my first experience with Kambo under the guidance and care of Davina and Nizami, who made me feel very safe and reassured. I first heard about kambo when I travelled to Peru with them last year. Kambo is not to be treated lightly. Do your research first and be clear why you want to do it. I have always been keen to work on myself and deepen my spiritual practice. Kambo is certainly helping with that.

At my first clinic session on the Friday, I received a basic treatment. That night I slept deeply for a full 7 hours for the first time in ages. I felt weepy the following morning. but knew it was part of my heart’s healing process, which was what I came for.

My 2nd treatment–a heart chakra treatment–was a completely different experience. No two Kambo treatments are the same. Back at home tucked up in bed I felt calm, at peace and positive about the future.

– Glynis, London