28 September 2018

Kambo Circles throughout October, November and December 2018 now booking.  Make a day of it at our stunning woodland location in East Sussex. Work with two Master Practitioners to effect the right treatment for mind, body and spirit. Escape the grind and treat yourself to the deep cleanse of the Amazon. Detox, rejuvenate and put [...]


7 March 2018

The Siberian Coldwave has passed (touch wood)! Roads are free of ice and snow, and train transport is back to normal. All Circles will commence at 10:00 AM as usual. Please log in for directions and guidance on train travel.


1 March 2018

Typical! No sooner do we announce “spring is sprung” than the Met Office issues a yellow warning for ice and snow for many areas of the UK, including Sussex. Please check conditions on your route if driving. We do not have resources to rescue you if your car gets stranded. Most of the roads here [...]

March Update

22 February 2018

Spring is sprung! We are a couple of cold snaps away from the arrival of the bluebells! 2018 Year of the yang Earth Dog is already moving and shaking, and like the bluebells, you want to hit the ground running. Whether you’re considering taking your first leap of frog faith or you’re an old amphibian [...]

Kambo World Holidays

18 December 2017

We are taking a break over the festive season. Please note the office will be closed from Tuesday 19 December to Sunday 7 January.  We aim to respond to any messages as soon as possible after Monday 8 January. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a vibrant and healthy New Year.  

2017: All Systems Go

12 January 2017

Happy New Year from Kambo World! I think we’re all agreed that 2016 was intense, up and down and basically full of upheavals. As usual, the experts are not all agreed on the year ahead. In Chinese terms it’s a Fire Rooster year, which sounds like the Rio Carnival all year long. In numerology terms [...]

Last Clinics for 2016

27 October 2016

Announcing our new clinic dates for 2016: November Friday 11, Saturday 12 Friday 18 All max 5 places, with Nizami only December Friday 9 Max 10 places with Davina & Nizami Make a booking…   

Private Treatments Update

22 July 2016

PRIVATE TREATMENTS UPDATE Before we establish our new HQ, Kambo World is delighted to offer private treatments by arrangement.  Please contact us using the form below.  

Getting Smoother

9 April 2016

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve improved the registration and booking process. Good news is your appointment bookings will now check straight through without needing to be approved by us first. On the other hand, new user registrations do need to be approved by us. Why approve either? Well, we’re not selling ice [...]

Taking Kambo to Heart

9 March 2016

Yesterday was my first experience with Kambo under the guidance and care of Davina and Nizami, who made me feel very safe and reassured. I first heard about kambo when I travelled to Peru with them last year. Kambo is not to be treated lightly. Do your research first and be clear why you want to do it. I have always been [...]

Kambo.World Holiday

11 November 2015

Yes a holi-day…a shamanic pilgrimage in fact. We’re away in Peru from 11 to 29 November and will not be able to respond to queries or booking requests. If you need to get in touch, please use the forms or email us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can on our [...]

Saturday Clinic Launches

5 October 2015

Don’t know about you but we’re so busy with one thing or another, whether it’s chopping and storing wood for the winter, putting together a shamanic training programme and a shamanic pilgrimage over at parent organisation AYNI Foundation, that we’ve had to cancel a few Friday Clinics through October and November. Good news is, to make [...]

IAKP Founder Talks to Reset Magazine

22 September 2015

Luke Sumpter of Reset Magazine, an independent website dedicated to investigating consciousness and related matters, interviews International Association of Kambo Practitioners Founder Karen Darke. It’s a great article covering the story of Kambo’s arrival in the west, the practice and ethics of the IAKP, and Karen’s own journey with the frog. Please read and Like! For [...]

My First Kambo Encounter

17 September 2015

There’s no denying it, Kambo is not the easiest medicine to work with but when I consider it has saved my life and shifted energies like no other medicine then I have infinite gratitude for its healing process despite its intense methods. My first encounter with Kambo was around 3-4 years ago. It was part [...]

Who should take Kambo?

5 September 2015

Guidelines for who should not take Kambo are super clear. While there have been less than a handful of known fatalities in the West in the twenty years since Kambo emerged from the forest, thanks to the hard work of Master Practitioners like Karen Darke, the body of experience and expertise in treating Western conditions is growing everyday. [...]

Friday Kambo Clinic

17 June 2015

News of Kambo’s amazing detoxification and holistic healing properties are spreading like wildfire. While most practitioners out there offer treatments on-demand, we thought we’d also offer a regular place and time for our Kambo clients to show up. One of the good things about receiving Kambo in a group is the camaraderie. Everyone is about [...]

Kambo: Heart of the Matter

27 April 2015

Whichever holistic paradigm one prefers, the heart is of paramount importance. In Kabbala, for example, the ten sephirot in its hologram of the human being are arranged around tiffaret, which corresponds to the sun and to the heart. In the Tarot, the Sun is one of the Major Arcana, relating to the purity of the inner child. [...]

Welcome to Kambo.World!

26 April 2015

It’s taken us a few months to land since our International Association of Kambo Practitioners training in Amazonian Brazil back in December. And we’ve landed in the perfect spot for the Frog. We haven’t spotted Phyllomedusa Bicolor up in the trees of East Sussex yet, but you never know! We’re running regular circles for 5 people every Friday, and private [...]