My First Kambo Encounter

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There’s no denying it, Kambo is not the easiest medicine to work with but when I consider it has saved my life and shifted energies like no other medicine then I have infinite gratitude for its healing process despite its intense methods. My first encounter with Kambo was around 3-4 years ago. It was part of a larger ceremony with the Kachinawa tribe and I had no set intention or calling for working with this particular medicine in fact I wasn’t convinced I would join in for that part of the ritual. Yet, I came to that ceremony with an unexpected problem – I had recently inadvertently broken a spell and unleashed its negative response on my body. It had been a strange evening, a drum exploded, violent purging for no reason and I woke in the morning covered in bites. It was summer so I just assumed I’d been unlucky with the mossies, but I had slept in long sleeves and trousers and these bites were in my armpits, my groin, the backs of my knees etc – large, insanely itchy bites and I was the only one who had been bitten.   I had to constantly slather myself in aloe vera and lavender oil to get just a few minutes of relief from the desire to rip my skin off to stop the itching. It became apparent that these were no ordinary bites when I returned home, away from the apparent source of the problem, and the bites kept appearing – all over my chest, back, legs etc I lost count after clocking 300 of them – and they just kept coming. I went to the Doctor who told me they were bed bugs – but the friends I’d stayed with had their place checked and there was no hint of them, I fumigated my own bedroom too yet each day new bites were appearing as though they were emerging from inside me. This is how I came to the Kachinawa ceremony, covered from head to foot in huge, red itchy bites – I’d had them for over 2 weeks by this stage and was at my wits end, I’d had virtually no sleep due to the itchiness and was convinced I would be covered in scars for life as they were so big and angry. We worked with the grandmother Friday night and all was well except the itchiness didn’t abate so it was hard to focus. The next morning was the first encounter with Kambo. There was a large circle of us and little preparation other, than the instruction not to eat. I was nervous, I had heard much about this medicine and it did seem slightly insane to think I was about to let some unknown shaman from the amazon burn my skin and apply venom to it. The group energy helped keep me in the room and keep breathing, although I was tempted to bail out more than once. Luckily I was one of the first to go, three small points were burnt on my upper right arm and the venom applied, instantly I could feel the venom spread through my lymph system like wildfire, all sorts of strange sensations whizzed through my body, pounding in my head and ears, heat rising, and then quite quickly intense nausea resulting in a wholesome and cathartic purge. It was mercifully quick but there’s no doubt I had momentarily thought I was going to die. The miracle occurred the next morning after resting and a further nights work I woke in the morning and all the bites had lost their redness and anger, no more itching, within 48 hours they had entirely vanished without trace, not a single mark or scar. It really shifted my perception about that is possible and also to be more vigilant in my work so as to prevent these unhelpful encounters in the first place. One of the primary reasons Kambo is used in the amazon is to cure people of ‘panema’ what we might call curses, psychic attack or bad luck, I didn’t know this at the time but can certainly testify to it its absolute effectiveness in this process. The next time I encountered Kambo it literally did save my life but I’m saving that story for another day. If you’d like to know more please visit our website for further information. We’re offering a special Autumn Immune booster deal at the moment.