Friday Kambo Clinic

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News of Kambo’s amazing detoxification and holistic healing properties are spreading like wildfire. While most practitioners out there offer treatments on-demand, we thought we’d also offer a regular place and time for our Kambo clients to show up. One of the good things about receiving Kambo in a group is the camaraderie. Everyone is about to go through an intense physical and emotional process, and any anxiety is usually allayed by going through it alongside others.

Sometimes other people’s processes put our own in a new perspective. We see we’re not peculiar in struggling with this or that. We feel compassion for those with issues we feel are tougher than our own, and we can offer encouragement to those working through similar issues.

The Clinic isn’t some kind of mass triage system–not yet, at least. We aim to book in around 5 clients each week, and Davina and I normally work together, ensuring a smooth process, with nobody having to wait too long before their treatment, or receiving inadequate attention during it.

We are also very proud of our new space, which we chose carefully to be ideal for working with Kambo. The clinic opens completely onto 2+ acres of beautiful woodland garden, which provides the perfect nature sanctuary to rest in afterwards. Set on the fringes of ancient Ashdown Forest and yet 90 minutes or less from Central London, our little temple is the perfect place to unwind, relax and leave your demons in plastic bucket.

Come and check us out!


£85 per person