Another Bend in the River

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We’re back after a truly immense journey to the Andean Apus Ausangate and Salqantay, and to Sipapu, our rainforest project in the Tambopata Conservation Area. You’ll be hearing much more about Sipapu in the coming months.

As you can imagine, immersing yourself in the rainforest, home of the frog, home of the vine, home of an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, is good medicine indeed. We’re back for another summer season in deepest East Sussex, bringing the magic of the selva to serve your highest good.

And nothing goes one way. Your highest good is the selva’s greatest good. The forest in general, and especially the Amazon, the mother of all forests, needs your help. Illegal logging, petrochemical companies, backyard gold mining, Bolsonaro, Trump, Netanyahu… Yup. It’s all happening.

What can you do? First steps are: get healthy, get strong, be a healthy ecosystem unto yourself and those around you. Get connected, neither you nor I can do it alone. The Shift, The Awakening, The Pachakuti––whatever you want to call it––it’s here!

Kambo is reaching out of the forest for a reason. It has a part to play in touching the heart of global consumer culture and saying, hey, wake up. Where do you think all that stuff comes from––the medicines, the foods, the gold, the petrol? It’s saying, hey, wake up, you’re heading for extinction.

It’s time to cut the crap. Keep it real. Make this bend in the river count like never before. Come and see us.


SAT 18 MAY | SAT 15 JUN | SAT 27 JUL

Davina and Nizami are IAKP Master Practitioners with more than 4 years deep experience working with Kambo and other Amazonian methods.