An Amazing Journey

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We are deeply honoured to be able to share a beautifully-written document of one man’s healing journey with Kambo.

Charting the ups and downs of his treatments in the course of a year, Psychosynthesis Practitioner and Coach Martin Armitage-Smith has written a touching account of his inner journey.

Kambo articles tend to fall into one of two camps. Passionate advocacy penned by–to borrow Martin’s word–adherents, or criticism from scientists, who often turn out to be sponsored by pharmaceutical companies with patents registered on peptides contained in the Kambo secretion.

Martin’s account is neither of these. It is a refreshingly unbiased view from the treatment room floor. As such it offers useful and balanced insight for anyone considering coming for treatment.

Amazonian Frog secretions will probably not be at the top of anyone’s list of complementary remedies when it comes to cancer. But that wasn’t the purpose of my signing up for a set of treatments. I was looking to exchange the western medical container, which I was experiencing as unsafe or non-resonant, for something I could trust.

An excerpt from Martin’s blog

Read the full article here.

Please note: Kambo is a complementary treatment. Its use as a treatment for any medical condition should always be considered in the light of advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner.