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Gong Xi! Happy Chinese New Year! Starting right NOW is the Year of the Earth Pig. As Davina writes on her website:

Born in the winter, the last of the zodiac animals, ruling the hours between 9-11pm there is a sense of completion to 2019. The Chinese for pig is Hai – (Hia)tus springs to mind – 2019 will prove to be the pause at the end of the exhale before the inhale begins again.

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After the Earth Dog of 2018, which was about reworking things on the ground––from computers to bank accounts to boards of directors to Br***t––a year of relative hiatus sounds wonderful!

Could this be the year to take a little more time for yourself? Could this be the year to step up to that wellness breakthrough you’ve been mulling over since Boxing Day?

Kambo––especially when worked in to a wellness plan––works wonders. Shake off aches and pains and the thought patterns and behaviours that go with them. Feel better, more alive, more magnetic.

Earth Pigs are pretty clever. Some of them are trained to hunt for exotic truffles in the ground. Kambo is even cleverer. Did you ever see a frog hunting? They have it all worked out. No baring of teeth (do frogs have teeth?) or claws (they definitely don’t have claws) they simply sit around, knowing that everything comes to those who wait.

This is a well-known phenomena among the mysterious effects of Kambo. Amazonian people use it to attract wedding partners.

So maybe there’s a little something––or a big something––you’re looking to manifest in 2019. Come and talk to us. Come and talk to the frog.

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Wishing you a marvellously magnetic 2019!

Davina & Nizami