2017: All Systems Go

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Happy New Year from Kambo World!

I think we’re all agreed that 2016 was intense, up and down and basically full of upheavals. As usual, the experts are not all agreed on the year ahead. In Chinese terms it’s a Fire Rooster year, which sounds like the Rio Carnival all year long. In numerology terms it’s a 10, which in Tarot terms is the Wheel of Fortune. However you look at it, it goes without saying that you want to be in the best health you can be. And as ever, prevention is a million times better than cure.


Regular Kambo Circles are up and running. We guarantee the best all-round kambo experience out there. From the moment you arrive, through your treatment, to the moment you sit down to our gourmet vegetarian lunch, you’ll receive the best in care and attention. Your healing is our healing after all!

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Davina & Nizami are at your service, now with IAKP Advanced Practitioner Training under their belts. This means a new level of treatment is now available to you. Our ‘tuning in’ and reading clients was always good. Now it’s awesome. Through talking and sensing, we can hone in on what you need to let go of, bringing it to the surface before the kambo goes on. It makes the frog’s work that bit easier when we do our 50%.


It works particularly well over a series of treatments, which is why we’re launching our first Kambo Retreats this year. With a max group size of 10, we will be going deep below the surface and putting the results into action through deep qi gong and shamanic work in the forest. We’ll be sharing deep truths about our selves round the fire in the evenings, and running the deer trods in the morning. These weekend retreats will be warrior initiations, integrating the famous Amazonian Green Magic of the tree frog kind into the Sussex woods. We’re just waiting for the weather to get a little more Amazonian.

Wishing you and yours the very best for the Year of Fortune. We look forward to introducing many new warriors to the Wizard of the Upper Amazon, and to welcoming back old friends.

Davina and Nizami